Top 3 best aquaponics pump for your system

Aquaponics pump:

Given the large number of options available, choosing the right aquaponic pump for your little aquaculture stint is far more perplexing than it seems. As we already know, the aquaponics pump is an integral component to the aquaponic system and the aquaculture process.

So, before we further delve into the list of top 3 aquaponics pump, for the benefit of novice readers, it is better to get our basics straight. The aquaponic system refers to a symbiotic system which combines conventional aquaculture and hydroponics. Aquaculture is the practice of breeding aquatic animals and fishes in tanks, while hydroponics essentially refers to the process of cultivating plants in water. The aquaponic system essentially facilitates the symbiotic relation between the two.

Consider what would happen if the excreta of aquatic animals remain and build up in the water? The toxicity levels of the water would increase and would harm the animals and fishes living in it. How can we prevent this from happening? Since we do not really want to kill the animals we are raising, the tank has to be cleaned up regularly which is quite a daunting task. So, a preferred solution would be to set up an aquaponic system wherein the water from the tank is pumped into a hydroponic system. Here, the nitrites and nitrates are processed because of the nitrifying activity of bacteria, after which it is absorbed by plants as nutrients. Then, the water is circulated back into the aqua ecosystem. Cool, isn’t it?

To make life easy for you, let us know more about an aquaponics pump, and the ones available in the market, to select the one that will best suit our needs. Based on various parameters such as capacity, price, quality, user and seller reviews and a handful more, here’s a condensed list of the best 3 aquaponics pump of 2016. These pumps have been categorized into three different segments which will help you understand the product dynamics right at a glance.

The EcoPlus Eco 396 Submersible Pump:

The EcoPlus Eco 396 Submersible Pump is by far the best selling submersible pump with a decent price tag of EcoPlus Eco 396 Submersible Pumparound $24. These water pumps are of great utility for almost everything ranging from fountains to hydroponic systems. With a powerful oil-free earth rotor magnet, it is sure to deliver the best required from it. When browsing through aquaponics pump, we are often quizzed by the reliability factor. This one has a capacity to pump an impressive 396 gallons per hour! The EcoPlus Eco 396 features a ceramic shaft and bearing. This ensures reliability to a good measure. This little convenient pump also contains a strainer which essentially protects the impeller from damage. The kit comes along with an included 120 volt cord, inlet as well as outlet fittings.

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The PonicsPump PP40006:

The PonicsPump PP40006 is by far the best rated when it comes to an aquaponics pump. Flaunting an impressive PonicsPump PP400064.5 stars on amazon, the PonicsPump makes it to the top of the rated list of aquaponic pumps. PonicPlus is known for producing quality products. This small power-packed machine here has the capacity to pump a whopping 400 gallons per hour! The key feature about the PonicPump PP 40006 is that it uses a powerful permanent magnet wet rotor design which essentially scraps the use of a seal. In this way, it prevents one of the most common causes of function failure in an aquaponics pump. Also, this pump uses an aluminium oxide ceramic shaft and bearings, which is rumored to have thrice the hardness of stainless steel. While this is sufficient to wrap our minds around this product, the PonicPump PP 40006 also offers a heavy duty and waterproof electric cord design. Thus, remains essentially unaffected by oil, grease and moisture. This enhances its abrasion resistance performance. The PonicPump PP 40006 is priced at a range around $25 with a one-year limited lifetime warranty.

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EcoPlus 185 Submersible Pump:

Featuring a really competitive price at the $15 range, the EcoPlus 185 is undoubtedly the best bet for an aquaponics EcoPlus 185 Submersible Pumppump; and coughs up an impressive 158 gallons per hour. The EcoPlus range of products come with an exceptional build quality of ceramic shafts and bearings which enhances its reliability and the EcoPlus 185 is no exception. This pump happens to be a must-have for requirements ranging right from fountains to hydroponic systems. This machine has a strainer which guards the impeller real well. You can expect a 120 volt power cord along with inlet and outlet fittings in the package.

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