Top 3 Best Aquaponics Grow Media

Aquaponics grow media can be regarded as an excellent replacement for the soil utilized in conventional gardening. In essentially, they possess the selfsame elements, which are prerequisite for the healthy growth of plants, found in natural soil. Therefore, it is always vital to make it a point to select the right varieties in order to obtain the best possible growth of your plants.

Generally speaking, the best instances of these products must not decompose. Decomposition permits pH and nutrient levels to fluctuate in uncontrollable manner. It can as well make the water to take a dark hue, preventing you to clearly see your fish because of tannin leaks. A good grow media should be also pH neutral on both a short-term and long-term basis.

Additionally, an ideal aquaponics grow media must be of the right size. In the event of its been too small, it can quickly get clogged with solid waste. Such a product will also greatly impede air circulation for your plants’ roots. On the other hand, a very large variety of these products will prevent your plants’ roots to effectively establish themselves. This is due to the large air pockets, which are created in an inordinately large media. Typically, what you need is a product that measures from 8 mm to 18 mm in diameter. Well, with that fully understood, let us now review the top 3 varieties of these products that are currently available in the market.

1. Hydrofarm Coco- Can Croutons

This aquaponics growth media can serve as an excellent replacement for clay pellets or rocks. In fact it can also be mixed with them if you so wish. It is lightweight in nature and comes pre-rinsed with fresh water. This definitely means you can use it directly from its packaging. Its water retention ability is almost the same with clay pellet. While its porous structure allows plant roots to effortlessly penetrate through it. Due to its neutral pH properties, fungus and mold growth isn’t an issue.

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2. Viastone Expanded Clay Rocks

This is an eco-friendly variety of aquaponics grow media whose diameter measures from 8 mm to 16 mm in size. It is highly noted for been able to facilitate for optimal circulation of oxygen around plant roots. This in its turn makes sure you can grow larger and more healthier plants. Its pellets are pH neutral, and thereby cannot adversely affect the exact pH levels of your aquaponics system. Additionally, it is lightweight and you can also reuse it every now and then. Finally, it possesses an ideal air to water ratio. This implies it drains freely and cannot retain excessive amounts of water.

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3. Potting Media Hydroton Leca Clay

Crafted from 100% clay, this aquaponics grow media comes in a consistent round shape. It can facilitate for maximum root aeration for the proper growth of plants. At the same time, it doesn’t decompose and can prevent excessive acidity as well as soil pest infestation. This is large due to the excellent capillarity of its clay pebbles. Just like all the best instances of these products, Potting Media Hydroton Leca Clay is pH neutral and won’t negatively affect your aquaponics system’s pH composition.

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