Grow Organic food by Aquaponics

Scientific research is uncovering that the alleged ‘fresh’ veggies we get in grocery stores is much lower in nutrients and vitamins and higher in compounds than there was 40 years ago. This has lead to more people interested in organically-grown produce. Discover how to grow your very own organic vegetables the simple way with aquaponics. Aquaponics is a very new and wonderful system where you can grow your own organic food easily.

What exactly is organic food?

A lot of people are not certain what ‘organic’ really means when it applies to food, so here’s an outline. Most crops are grown in giant mono-culture farms now days, using artificial fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. Organic veggies is produced in a more natural manner that does not require these chemical compounds, using compost and mulches to grow healthy vegetables.

Studies have shown that organically-grown food are higher in vitamins and minerals that we need to be healthy, compared to food which is mass-produced in mono-culture farms using unpleasant chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It is these chemical substances which are shown to be present in the produce that is available for sale at most retail outlets. Organic vegetables taste much better too; many suggest they taste ‘just like they used to’ before mono-culture farming became so widespread.

Its a shame that organic food continues to be more pricy to buy than standard produce because this means that fewer people can buy it. Not many retail stores keep organic veggies either, making it painful to find the best place to buy it. Plenty of people find they have to go to growers’ markets or farm gate shops to find real organic food.

The easiest option to enjoy organic veggies is to grow them yourself. There has been a return to the backyard vegetable garden in recent years for this very reason. Weeding don’t please everybody but the good news is aquaponics gardening needs neither.

Aquaponics gardens are fast to build and straight-forward to manage. They work on the same concepts as hydroponics with fish included and the substances taken out of the equation. The fish provide all elements the vegetation need for strong development. The plants provide clear and healthy environment for the fish to enjoy and thrive.

Upon you have built your aquaponics setup, you wait for the nutrient levels to increase and then you can plant raise seeds in the growing beds. The fish water is cycled through the garden pots with little effort by you. You will want to ensure the fish are fed plus check water quality but besides that, there is little to do but gather your produce, all organically grown.

Raising your own produce is the better way to ensure you’ve got the best, most healthy food around. Cultivate healthy organic veggies the easy way in your own aquaponic garden; it is economical, straight forward and allows you tons of spare time.

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