Top 7 Best LED Grow Lights

LED grow lights are popular nowadays in areas with less amounts of natural sunlight, during experiments and where controlled farming is practiced.Here we will disscuss top 7 best led grow lights.

7. Reachs Grow Light Bulb for Indoor Plants, IP65 Waterproof Best Spectrum for Seeding Vegetables Herbs, Hydroponics Growing (1, 15W / Par38)

This Reachs grow LED bulb emits light for hydroponic plants growth and indoor plants like vegetables. The bulbs emit different bands depending on their color. The blue bulbs emit 420-500nm that promotes vegetative growth while the red bulbs emit 580-680nm that promotes plants during the flowering and budding stages.

The LED grow bulb also has a waterproof lamp holder, IP65 waterproof rated, that should be used when working in a humid environment to prevent an electric shock. Its electricity plug is a standard size and fits into any E27/E26 socket in any setting. It consumes less power and has a high luminous efficiency, which makes it convenient for 24/7 use.

This LED light from Reachs comes in three versions; size 7W/Par20 that goes for $12.99, size 12W/Par30, and size 15W/Par38 that goes for a price of $17.99.


6. LED Growing Light – 12W E27 – 12 LEDS (3 Blue & 9 Red) – Divine LEDs

This is perfect for indoor and outdoor plants and works well in hydroponic garden greenhouses. This grow LED bulb has 3 blue and 9 red lights making a total of 12 ultra-bright LED lights. The blue lights are helpful to the chlorophyll and carotenoid part of the plant to aid in photosynthesis and growth of the leaves while the red lights help in photosynthesis making the process more efficient. The wavelengths produced are efficient for peak photosynthesis process for plants in any location.

This grow light come in handy during snow season, rainy season or when there is little light sufficient for the growth of plants. It promotes the growth of the plants and quick results can be seen as from two weeks after starting the use of this LED grow light.

It has lower energy consumption, long life and is very bright. The incorporation of divine heatsink technology makes sure less heat is emitted and it can stay on for 24 hours with no damage to the plant. It goes for $9.99.

5. Erligpowht 45W LED Red-Blue Hanging Light for the Indoor Plant

This is an LED grow light from Erligpowht. It has 225 LED’s combined of red and blue lights. There are 165 red lights producing 650nm wavelength and 60 blue lights producing 465nm of has ABS plastic molding that is built into a plastic port which has a built-in 3 drive power.

It is widely used in plant factories, greenhouse and flower farming, water soluble breeding, indoor gardens, tissue culture and also pipeline cultivation. This LED grow light is suitable for a variety of plants including; lettuce, bananas, flowers, egg plants, tomatoes, bitter gourd, grapes and other vegetables.

The light system can be hung anywhere with a suitable angle for illuminating the most plants in an area. One may need several lights for plants grown over a large area. The recommended height where it can be hung is 0.5-2.5m from the plants. It comes with a guaranteed life of 50000 hours of worktime, and quality assurance of 2 years.

It retails at around $25.19

4. The LED Grow Light 45W-MOKOQI LED – White/Orange/Red/Blue – Light For Garden the Greenhouse and also Hydroponic Full Growing Lamps Grow Light with Hanging Light 4 Band

This is a new model from Mokoqi. It has 225 LED lights in total. There are 78 red LED lights producing 650nm of wavelength, 47 blue LED lights producing 465nm of wavelength, 76 orange LED lights that aids in fruitification making the fruits large and beautiful. There are also 24 white LED lights that increases the intensity for the vegetable plants.

This is also another first innovation for the SMD 3528 chips that increased the white and orange light that enhanced the intensity of light that is more conducive for plant absorption hence its growth too. It is highly luminous, has a low power consumption and a long service life. Its exterior is designed in a pure heatsink mode that means less heat produced. It is used widely in greenhouses, flower farming, plant factories, water soluble breeding and also in potted plants.

It is effective for several types of plants including; vegetables, flowers, seaweed, tomatoes, grapes among others.

This LED grow light retails at $39.00.

3. MAGIOVE 400W LED Growing Lights for the Indoor Gardening and the Hydroponics Plants/Flowers/Vegetables – Greenhouse Grow Lamp

This is an LED grow light by Magiove. It is conducive for indoor and hydroponic plants. It has 3W and 5W LEDs that deliver intense lights and even coverage to the plants. It is helpful kin promoting cell division in the plants and flowering. It also aids in increasing the yields of vegetables to a certain extend.

It is easy to install, just plug it to a power source and have it running within seconds. It has a long lifespan of between 50000-80000 hours depending on its usage. It has a high efficiency in usage and also environmental friendly with its very bright lights.

There is a heat managing system which helps to keep the working temperature of its LED lights in a good state for maximum efficiency. The system prevents high heat loss hence the plants cannot be affected by heat.

This LED grow light retails at $168.99 comes with a 12 months warranty.

2. VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 900W LED Grow-Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

This is a LED grow light by Viparspectra. It is specially engineered to keep a balance between the PAR/Lumen output and its coverage. The secret behind the success of this LED is its optimal full spectrum that provides vegetables and flowers all nutrients that the sun gives.

VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 900W LED Grow-Light is suitable for indoor plants. This might be in a greenhouse, plant factory, horticulture farming or indoor flowers. It has a good energy use in that it does the same job at 418 watts that other devices in its range perform at 1000watts. It is perfect for a garden of sizes 4*3’ growing area with a height of 24”. The maximum coverage is 5*4’.

It has an upgraded fan system and big aluminum cooling heat sinks that are efficient in heat dissipation. This means that less heat reach the plants hence cannot damage them.

It retails at $299.00 and comes with a 3 year warranty with a 30-day satisfaction period or grace period for return.

1.MAXSISUN M300 96x3W 12-band LED Grow Light

This is a grow LED light from by Maxsisun. It has dual Switches and full spectrum with the secondary optics lens for indoor plants. It has a lower energy consumption of 180watts yet can compare to other lights in the same category that consume up to 400watts.

It stimulates the growth plants by providing a full spectrum optimized to enhance metabolic process in the plants. The dual switches help plants get the best yield by providing sufficient wavelength of light over every stage of development of the plant to maturity.

Maxsisun LED grow lights illuminate a wide area hence it is suitable for plants grown over a large area. This is made possible by its strong and durable 32 in 1 optic lens that magnifies PAR, thereby increasing canopy penetration upwards to a high of 200%.

Maxsisun LED grow light retails at $98.00 and come with a 5 year warranty, plus a 60 return guarantee.
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The led grow lights are very important for aquaponic,hydroponic or green house plant production.

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