Invest in Aquaponics Grow Bed and Save on Space

Aquaponics Grow Bed

If you have heard of organic gardening, and hydroponic gardening then aquaponic garding is a culmination of the two. It is a fantastic way to grow large amounts of fresh organic produce in a small area, you can grow the same volume of organic vegetables in a fraction of the space you would need in a typical vegetable patch. Hydroponic gardening has been around for quite some time, however, Aquaponic gardening is relatively new.Researchers have been looking for a way to improve hydroponic gardening because whilst the produce grew well it tasted almost like water. Aquaponics grow bed delivers all the nutrients needed to get around this problem and is just beginning to ‘take off’. Aquaponics grow bed is now becomming very common for both home gardens and commercial farming alike.

Essentially the difference between hydroponics and aquaponics is that you feed the plants by having live fish swimming beneath the floating plant bed. So straight away the need to constantly ‘feed’ the water as you would with hydroponic gardening is gone. You will feed the fish daily, in return the fish will feed the plants.

The plants will then use the nutrients provided by the fish as well as keeping your tank clean. Banish those thoughts of having to maintain the fish tank cleanliness, this is done automatically by the plants you are growing.

Aquaponics grow bed can be setup or created easily by anyone and can also be put almost anywhere you have a little bit of free space, you can set one up in your garage, backyard, or even your lounge room. Imagine having a small tank of fish creating the freshest organic produce for you, in a small proportion of the time it would take you to grow the same food in a soil garden.

By applying Aquaponic gardening, your plants are feed every nutrient they need 24 hours in seven day every week. They will never be short on food, so the speed at which they grow is almost uncanny.

Your plant will never be competing for space because the plant roots simply hang in the water below the floating bed, so you can plant a large variety of produce in a small space if you prioritize on aquaponic gardening as to other form of farming.

Gone will be the worries about weeding, pest control and nasty chemicals you may have to apply to your soil garden to keep the plants healthy. The labour required by you is vastly reduced as well, typically all you will need to do each day is feed the fish, and check the water level. The growing plants will ‘drink’ water so the level in the tank does need to be maintained.

Depending on the type of fish you choose to use in your garden, you may also have an abundance of fresh fish to go with your fresh new vegetables as well. You have no doubt on Aquaponics grow bed as the best form of farming you could practice to save on space and produce a high amount of products.


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