Tips For Designing Energy-Efficient Aquaponics Greenhouse

Aquaponics greenhouse

Energy efficient, easy to control, customized and pre wired aquaponic greenhouse are not easy to design. But this is what most of us wish to achieve for aquaponics growing. You can either choose a standard design or request for a customized design for commercial use in any case. You find that aquaponics greenhouse can be easily customized to fit any aquaponic system, whether it’s a purchased kit or home built.

Discover how you will design your greenhouse aquaponics.

Working with aquaponic designers and installers is paramount in order to achieve your objectives in the best way possible. The following are tips for designing energy efficient aquaponics greenhouse, floors and other strategies for getting the most out of your aquaponic greenhouse investment.

Place Grow Beds in Sunlight 

It important you note that if you place fish tanks in direct light, it can easily get too hot during the day. This will lower the dissolved oxygen killing the fish in as a result. It is worthwhile to place the fish tanks in shadier areas so as to avoid overheating of your tanks. Fish tanks are much easier to heat up than to cool them. Moreover, if the fish tanks are not covered, direct sunlight on the water will cause algae growth which is not a good idea.

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Insulate Your Greenhouse 

Insulate your greenhouse or more broadly, ensure you create an energy efficient aquaponics greenhouse that minimizes temperature facilitation. This is the best strategy while dealing with any design of a greenhouse, but particularly in an aquaponics greenhouse.

This is because you are not looking to keep the air temperature but also the root temperature stable but the entire fish tank as well. During the cold climate, using a hardier fish species like koi or perch is a good idea since you won’t be required to warm water temperature, this reduces heating costs.

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Design The Greenhouse in Tandem With Your Aquaponics System

There are different systems out there such as media beds, raft, wicking beds as well as NFT which take on myriad sizes and shapes. It is good to limit yourself while building your aquaponics greenhouse then you realize that it cannot accommodate the systems that you want.

A good aquaponic greenhouse should not only meet the needs of your system but also increase productivity and the performance of the system. For instance, a well built and designed aquaponics greenhouse should have a south knee wall that is well insulated up to the height of the grow beds. This works well in protecting the root systems from getting too cold or too hot which is the required end results., this allows room for bigger and healthier plants.

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Grow Up

In addition, it is a good idea to consider vertical growing system like living towers, Zip grow towers g Sky planters or any of your own creation. This is because maximum utilization of vertical space can double or even triple the total growing area.

This is more efficient and advantageous to those who prefer passive solar aquaponic greenhouse, where structural wall to hang/attach planters and north walls creates an ideal growing environment. By use of dripping system, you can be able to add these planters to your aquaponic system.

Build a vertical garden in green house.

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