why You Should Consider Diy Aquaponics


A diy aquaponics is a good way for anyone who plans to grow plants in the absence of soil and keep fish. It has gained popularity over the years due the many benefits that come along with the system. With the aquaponics system, one can grow the plant and keep fish in a small area and thus reducing cost and the work to be done such as weeding and watering.

It is also amazing that with the system, one can produce food more times compared to the conventional gardening. This article will enlighten you on various benefits of using diy aquaponics system.

Most of us might be wondering how plants grow in the absence of soil and how they get the nutrients required for them. The whole system relies on a symbiotic relationship between the plants and the fish to function properly. For aquaponics system to function, a water pump is required, and the size is determined by the scale of the setup.

The water pump is used to pump water through the plants to the fish tank and then pack to the plants again. As we all know is that fish does not like swimming in dirty water with their waste and thus aquaponics system helps in solving the problem.

What happens is that fish produces excrement as their waste which contains essential nutrients that facilitate the growth of the plants. The dirty water is now pumped through the plants where they extract the required nutrients and the roots help in cleansing the water. The clean water is now pumped back to the fish tank, and the process begins again. All that you are required to do is to feed the fish, and the rest will automatically happen.

The following are various benefits that one can get from diy aquaponics which includes:

  1. Through the circulation process, aquaponics system cleans itself and thus reducing the cost of cleaning maintenance.
  2. With the absence of soil, there are no activities such as weeding and watering saving time as well as energy.
  3. The materials used for the set up are readily available in our local hardware.
  4. With diy aquaponics, even those people without land to till can now produce their plants in their small compound.


With diy aquaponics, you don’t have to worry about the pests that invade your garden and destroy your plants. It is also believed that food grown from this system are very sweet compared to those grown in the soil.


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