The Best Definition of Aquaponics

Definition Of Aquaponics

Definition of Aquaponics  refer to a combination of raising fish or aquatic animals with growing of plants in water in the same area. Both practices are separately known as aquaculture and hydroponics. The plants benefit from nutrients which are broken down from the animal wastes and the aquatic animals get back purified water that is oxygenated and free of toxins.

Here are some of the things you should know before understanding definition of aquaponics  :

You may be well aware that for aquatic animals to survive in water, they require clean oxygenated water. This may be impossible due to the wastes from excretions and other sources like left over foods that make the system toxic. On the other hand, plants require nutrients which can obtained from the aquatic waste after it has been broken down by bacteria.

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The water from the aquarium is taken to the hydroponic system for nutrients removal. This is a good example of symbiosis . For the whole system to kick off, you must have aquatic animals, feeds, plants, bacteria, light, pump and electricity.

There are different kinds of aquaponic system and each kind has its own complexity. In the different systems the processes of solid removal, bio filtration, and hydrophonic system may be combined together or run separately depending on the system that has been put up. What is clear though is that the aquaculture and hydroponics go together. By the time the water is pumped back to the aquarium.

It is clean and is loaded with oxygen. You will need a place to rear your aquatic animals, a settling basin to catch waste particles, biofilter where the bacteria acts on the waste, and a place where excess nutrients are absorbed by plants from water.

Now you have the best definition of aquaponics. You also know what is entitled and what you need to set up one. The benefits have also been point out clearly. With this information, I am confident that you are well equipped.

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