Best Aquaponic Book Review

Aquaponic Book Review

A revolutionary system in which plants are grown by fertilizing them from the waste water taken out of fish is known as Aquaponics. Used in a habitable closed loop system, Aquaponics gardening is a great way to grow fruits, organic vegetables, herbs and greens by using a combination of hydroponics and aquaculture for providing fresh fish as a healthy and safe source of protein.

Aquaponic Gardening: A Step-By-Step Guide to Raising Vegetables and Fish Together by Sylvia Bernstein is a great book on how you can use Aquaponics to cultivate your own organic farm. It has insights on how it helps in mitigating climate change, food insecurity groundwater pollution and the effects that are created on oceans due to overfishing.

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It is a DIY manual sort of book that is mainly focused on how to create your own Aquaponics system for enjoying a fresh, safe and healthy life with delicious food. Starting with an introduction, the book covers all, from benefits, theory, diagrams, and potential. It also features how to maintain and start a healthy system, what hardware components and system locations to consider and all about the living elements such as worms, fish, bacteria, and plants.

Completely organic, Aquaponics systems are five to six times more effective and productive as compared to conventional gardens. Not only that, but they require 85% less water than their counterparts. Other benefits include that they do not require diggings, fertilizing, watering, bending or heavy lifting- in fact, if you were to notice properly then there are no limitations! This well- illustrated guide with its practical exercises is the best way to ensure self- sufficiency.

Sylvia Bernstein, the author is the founder and president of The Aquaponic Source and is the Vice Chairman of the Aquaponics Association. The biggest online community on Aquaponics gardening that is US based is managed by Sylva Bernstein. Not only is she an internationally recognized writer, but also an experienced speaker. She is known for writing blogs on the subject of ��Growing Edge’ and Aquaponic Gardening Blog.’ She has a very large Aquaponics set up in her backyard and is a good source of inspiration for her. She states that they are powered by catfish, tilapia, and other sea creatures.

With more than 470 reviews out of which 70% of them are 5 stars, this book has all the information you need to know about Aquaponics. With an awesome cover, it contains a huge list of topics, covering almost everything about which you would like to acquire knowledge about. The book has about 15 main chapters and seven appendices which should be used as a reference.

There is an introduction part that puts a focus on Aquaponics and its growing methods. It focusses on the importance of Aquaponics and how it challenges our population regarding food cost, food safety, food supplies and other problems. Do not skip the introduction as it not only gives information about the importance of Aquaponics but also make us understand the necessity. There are many useful references given out there that you can view for further knowledge. In all a good book!

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