Aquaponics;An Eefficient WayTo Feed Ourselves?

How effective are aquaponics? Does aquaponics help reduce the impact that human beings go through when growing food or are there unseen effects being felt elsewhere?The answer to all these questions is similar, it all depends on what you raise.It is crystal clear from the observation of various projects being undertaken by scientists all over the world that urban aquaponics helps grow a huge number of fish and vegetables in very limited spaces.Therefore aquaponics aids in increasing the number of fish hence act as a solution to the fight against food shortage.

The efficiency of aquaponics is unmatched as many fish farmers all over the world can depend on it to support their livelihood.By increasing the number of fish that a fish farmer has on his/her farm is a guaranteed positive return financially.Therefore the fish farmer can depend on aquaponics as he is assured that his returns from the sale of fish will enable him to put his children through school and also provide for their other needs.

However many aquaponics enthusiasts do not agree with my point on aquaponics, they will tend to favor the tilapia, kind of fish.The tilapia is known to be an omnivorous kind of fish that can depend on weeds that grow in the water.A good example of these plants is the duckweed.Although the fish farmers also feed the tilapia with commercial feeds to ensure that they increase their produce so that their fish will grow to be tremendous and hence fetch a fortune will be at the markets.

If we ensure that the fish are fed on plant foods that are not suitable for any human consumption.If these plants grow in the fish ponds and other fresh water sources, then we would be aiding in saving our environment and our water system.By so doing we would be helping in reducing the plant growth in our water sources.

It is therefore very necessary to understand that fish farming is very beneficially to the human being or the farmers compared to animal or livestock keeping.The fish will minimize space as they can use the vertical space in a way that animals cannot.The fish also use less energy compared to livestock as they do not need to support themselves against gravity.This means that for every calorie that you put in, more is used in making meat than is used in converting to heat.

The benefit of fish over livestock is also increased in consideration of cold bloodiness.The fish compared to sheep are cold blooded, and therefore water which does not change its temperature rapidly like air is an advantage to the farmer.This is so as very little feed is used up in regulating body temperature. Therefore, more feed is converted to meat.

Therefore as mush, as I can tell, is that aquaponics is the best way to challenge the problem of food shortage.It has a tremendous potential in maintaining food production in our society.Aquaponics is the best organic way to produce meat, as well as the best way to improve the vegetable farming in our society.Therefore the efficiency of aquaponics is unmatched as it is aiding in the change of farmers state of livelihood.

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