Why aquaponics trout is the best for you ?

Aquaponics is the new technology in the modern agriculture. This is the combination of hydroponics and aquaculture. This is an excellent system where you can grow vegetables , fish and fruits simultaneously. There are lots of fish species which are suitable for aquaponics. Among the fish species  trout is the best for aquaponics. Now we will discuss why aquaponics trout is the best for you.

Why aquaponics trout is the best?

Fast growing-The most important thing is that trout grows fast in aquaponics. Within 09 months it reach in marketable size and within 12-13 months it reach in pan-sized. It grow fast compared to the other fish species.so you should like this fish for your aquaponics.

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Need low maintenance -Another important thing is that it need low maintenance. You need not take much take care of it. They can take care of themselves without much help.

⇒ Excellent food conversion ratios-The maximum part of the fish can be consumed safely. It is also a delicious food and people like it very much. It contains many important nutritional value like molluscs, flies and crustaceans which are high in energy. Lipid and fish oil also good for health.

It can be live in cool temperature-It is a great problem to maintain normal temperature in aquaponiocs   tanks. But if you choose trout it can be live in low temperature between 10 to 20 degree Celsius. So you need not much worried in Temperature maintenance.

⇒Trouts are tasty-Many people like trouts because they are very much tasty. If you like trouts you need not to buy from market.You can grow easily in your aquaponics system at home.

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Few limitations:

⇒Its need large area- The main limitation of this specis is that  its need more area.If you want to grow it you need large area .You should not allow 0.5 kg per 100 L of water.

⇒Temperature- trout can withstand between 0-22 degree Celsius but the optimum growth temperature is 12 to 16 degree Celsius. Above 22 degree Celsius trout can be negatively affected.

⇒Oxygen level-Another problem is that, they cannot tolerate low oxygen. You should be always maintain a high oxygen level not less than 5.50 mg/l.

However trout is an excellent fish for its taste and growing system.It can be grow all over the world especially in cold countries. So you can choose it.

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