Top 3 Best Aquaponics Kit for you

Aquariums are a great decor feature for different spaces including offices, classrooms, patios and rooms within the home. A major challenge aquarium owners have is getting rid of fish waste. Accumulation of the waste within the fish tank will make the water environment toxic. Aquaponics is one of the best ways to manage fish waste within the fish tank. It involves a system that consists of water from the fish tank being fed to plants. The plants absorb the waste as nutrients cleaning the water which is then fed back into the fish tank.There are several aquaponics kit models you can choose from. Here are the top 3 best aquaponic kit models in the market today.

01.Back to the Roots Water Garden

This kit includes everything you need to get started. It has a 3 gallon self cleaning fish tank. The tank has clear sides providing a 360 degree view of the fish inside. A quiet submersible pump keeps water flowing in and out of the fish tank. This ensures that the fish get oxygen rich and clean water always. This kit also includes organic seeds and grow stones to get you started with not additional investment made. Every order comes with fish food and a discount coupon on Betta fish which make excellent pets.

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02.ECO-Cycle Aquaponics Kit with Dual T5 Grow Light

This kit includes the all the items needed to convert an aquarium into an aquaponics system. It’s specifically designed for aquariums that measure 12 inches by 24 inches or have a capacity of about 20 gallons. It consists of the grow tray, filter system, clay pellets, pump, 7 watt LED tank light with 12V power supply and double 2 foot high T5 fluorescent grow light among other features. The grow tray design includes a pot holder, filter cover, 13 net pots and grow tray door.

These allow you to maximize on the number of plants you can grow on it. The LED light allows you to illuminate the aquarium even in the dark while the T5 grow lights enable your plants to get sufficient light for optimal growth even in indoor settings. While quite a great kit, it’s worth noting that the aquarium isn’t included.

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03.Fin to Flower Aquaponics System B

Unlike aforementioned kits which have their grow trays placed on top of the aquarium, the Fin to Flower Aquaponics System has a unique design that places the grow tray on one side of the 5 gallon acrylic fish tank. The tray is slightly taller than the aquarium. This unique design keeps the grow tray and aquarium separate making it easy to maintain. The kit includes a water pump housed within the grow tray.

The pump draws water from the aquarium into the grow tray which also houses four 3 inch pots. Water flows back into the aquarium through a well designed waterfall. This ensures that water is continuously flowing. Other items included in the kit include plant grow medium, tank gravel and natural water dechlorinator.

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If you’re looking for a new aquaponics kit to grow plants and keep fish, these three are the top choices available today. If you already have an aquarium and want to try you hand at aquaponics, the ECO-Cycle is a good option. If however, you’re just starting out, the Fin to Flower of Back to the Roots Water Garden have great features to get you started.

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