Aquaponics Fish Tank Diy and Lighting

Aquaponics is a good idea in the farming science for our food security. And the aquaponics fish tank diy is the name of aquaponics that is actually the fish tank with vegetable farming at the same time. It is actually diy fish tank made of plastic. Diy fish tank can save your money for its cheap price and its good quality cote. A healthy fish tank with some fish may bring smiles to every face in your family. But there is a thing which must be on the table for aquponics fish project that is the lighting on aquaponic fish tank.

Lighting is providing light from a key light upon aquponics fish tank, which can be brought from the electric bulb or directly from the sun. If you have made an aquaponics fish project with vegetables by aquaponics fish tank diy without a good lighting system, actually have made nothing, because lighting is the key part of the aquaponics or indoor food farming science. With water, light, stones, glass made tank, some good fish spices and a top vegetable diy full of stone or soil it is an amazing aquaponics fish tank of Diy.

The aquaponics fish tank diy shouldn’t be with sunlight if it is at the home. And it must be with both type of light if it is on the ground, one is sunlight and the latter is electric light, because, at night aquaponics project needs the light too. Aquaponics fish tank shouldn’t be made of plastic; it must be made of glass, because light can’t run through the plastic. And you also can’t see the fish through the plastic tank. You can only see its fishes through the glass. Swimming gold fishes or tilapia fishes are for the entertaining us with healthy food or food safety.

For the pesticide free food and for the formalin or carbide free food, we need to farm our own foods in our ground. Pesticide is harmful for human body, but for reducing loses farmers apply pesticides over food farming field. It is alarming we are taking poultry which are feed antibiotics. It is the same thing to eat excessive antibiotic receiving poultry and to take directly antibiotics without any reason. In many countries, We know, poultry feed made of tannery wastages and  cow farmers give steroids, to ‘plump up’ their cows. And this type of tablet is not healthy for human bodies at the same time this type of cow meat who has feed steroids, Urea fertilizers.

Aquaponics fish tank diy is really a good thing for food safety. And the sunlight with electric bulb is essential to make an aquaponics fish tank at your home or on the ground. Aquaponics garden also needs the lights. And that is the same system which is larger than small aquaponics fish tank. Aquaponics is the best thing which can give us real and organic foods with much of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant and without harmful things.

How to start aquaponics just read the book.


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