Aquaponics FAQ

There is a lot of aquaponics FAQ that people search in online .In this topics I will discuss the common aquaponics FAQ. Aquaponics is a new technology in modern agriculture.There is a lot of scope to grow organic food in this system.You can grow vegetables, fish and fruits in this system easily.You can do aquaponics in both small and large scale.If you want to meet up family need you can start in small scale.But if you want to do commercially you can start in large scale.

We know that people are now trying to eat organic food for their health safety.The demand of organic food is increasing day by day.So it will be a great work if you start a aquaponics business.But before starting you should know the aquaponics system well.

Many people asked what is aquaponics,which plant and fish can grow,how much cost involve etc.I will try to give the answer what people frequently asked.

What is aquaponics?

What is the definition of aquaponics?

History of aquaponics?

What are the benefits of  aquaponics

Is aquaponics organic?

Aquaponics is a organic food producer system.In this system fish produce the amonia for the plant and plant take      amonia from water.It is a symbiotic system.There is no need to use any chemical in this system.But in some cases        chemical can be used.

⇒What things can I  grow in aquaponics?

Aquaponics is a wonderful system to grow food.You can grow

-Vegetables (Spinach,broccoli,tomato,carrot etc)

-Fish ( Tilapia , brass, trout, catfish , gold fish etc)

-Fruits (Strawberry,lemon,grape,orange etc)

What vegetables  can I  grow in aquaponics?

What fish  can  I grow in Aquaponics?

What fruits  can I grown in aquaponics?

What are the most common problems in aquaponics?

Can I start a profitable aquaponics business?

Can you give me a aquaponics business plan?

How can I do a aquaponics system design?

⇒Where can I get aquaponics components ?

There are many organisations who are supply aquaponics system.But the best way to get aquaponics components

you can buy from amazon store.

What is the best book for aquaponics?

Can I do aquaponics In green house?

⇒Which factors should be consider before starting aquaponics?

What are the benefits of small scale aquaponics?

What can I use for aquaponics growing bed?

⇒Can I do aquaponics inside home?

Yes,You can do aquaponics inside the home.In that case you will use plant grow lights in stead of sun light.

Which is the best light for aquaponics?

What are the best kits for aquaponics?

How can I build a career in aquaponics.

⇒What is the future of aquaponiocs?

-Aquaponics is a revolutionary system in modern gardening.You can grow vegetables,fish and fruits in this system.There is no soil need in this system even you can do this in your flat.You can do this in a small place.People are       now trying to eat organic food for their health safety.So aquaponics will be the best system in future to grow organic  food.

⇒Can I use aquaponics system for home decoration?

This is is a very important question.Every body want to decorate their home especially women.They use aquarium which serve as increasing beauty but if they use aquaponics system that will not only increase the beauty of home but also supply organic food.

Really aquaponics is a great system now a days to grow organic food at home.Every family should have one aquaponics system at their home.

For more details you should read this book.