Aquaponics Bug Problems and Remedies


To the aquaponics gardeners, the bug problem in aquaponics garden is a big issue which lefts lose. Here aquaponics bug problems are annoying them to discourage going on the safe food producing initiative. Bug problem in a primary stage should be stop, so that it can’t break out and growing numbers and unpreventable.

We can look into the number of aquaponics bug problems for preventing and uprooting them well. We can sum up the problems as three parts. aquaponics bug problems are-

  1. Brown color leaf
  2. Attacking by Insects
  3. Discolor of fishes

Brown color leaf: As we can see the problems in the plants is not tiny. Leaves make itself brown colored by heavy lighting. And this problem also brought from the little amount of light rather than its need. You cannot keep your eyes out of them.

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Attacking by Insects: We notice, Beetles; flies; spiders and wasps are the main insects that are eating your plant’s leaves and flowers with other insects to harm your foods. You must know about them. Ant also eats the leaves and shorter them.

Discolor of fishes: Fish also having some difficulties. One is damaging their colors and other is not growing right way. There are many problems beside them such as damaging head by the cancer etc.

There are more than a few ways that you can get rid of bug problems:

Feed Insects To The Fish – You can make this problems solved by taking insects to feed to the fish. Make traps to catch the insects with diesel pot and a light, and then put in them to the fish tank every day. Or if you see your fishes have enough food in the water oust them out of the garden.

Knock Off With Water Spurt – Spray waters by a filter pipe over the leaves, this will discourage insects to eat leaves. Water can oust them out of the garden and can give lives to your plants. It also keeps balances between light and humidity.

Locating Predators – Beetles, flies, spiders and wasps are predators to bugs that damage your plants for instance aphids. An ordinary marauder worn for pest manages is the ladybird which nourishes on aphids.

Balance between Water and Fish: If you see the bugs in the fish tank, change the old water with new and fresh water. Short damaged fishes and remove them. Ensure balance between the water and tank size and number of fishes. Make sure you don’t put in fish feeds unnecessarily.

At the end, we can summarize as aquaponics bug problem is not little problem, rather than, this problem is more serious to get a good result from aquaponics project or organic food producing project. We must not too heat to water of the tank and we have to ensure not too much cold water in the fish tank. And we have to consider balanced lighting over the plants.

Because heavy lighting can burn plants leaves. And this is the reason for the leaf bug that makes leaf brown colored and weaker condition. And we have to consider fish numbers in the tank, excessive number of fish in a little tank is not good for fish producing in the aquaponics fish and vegetable project.

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