Why Aquaponics is Better Than Hydroponics?

There are many debates as to whether aquaponics is better than hydroponics used as gardening methods of which the produce will eventually end up being served on our plate. This debate remains a vital question as to health concerns as well as for the environmental concerns. In this article, we shall review a couple of things that might just convince you that aquaponics is the most favourable method to use in consideration for the betterment of the ecosystem.

The aquaponics system is a united cultivation of plant and fish in the recirculating environment while hydroponics means the cultivation of plants in a mineral nutrient solution in water instead of planting them in soil. They are likened to small little pallets and the nutrients can only be dissolved with water in order for the nutrients to reach to the root of the plants. One of the major difference between these two gardening methods is, there is a need to change the nutrient solution every now and again.

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The nutrient solution used in hydroponics systems becomes toxic to the plants because of the high mineral nutrients has become concentrated in the addition of water. But with the aquaponics system, instead of adding nutrients, it relies on the fish as the nutrient generators.

Simply put, as you feed the fish, they will create waste. And those wastes will be converted into nitrates which will in turn, feed the plant. This method is as organic as it possibly could be using natural elements without much interference with the right balance of nutrient while hydroponics is a creation of mankind compacting high mineral nutrients in pallets.

In the hydroponic system, it is scientifically found and proven to have an inbuilt problem. The wastes of hydroponics are toxic and cannot simply be thrown into a sewage system. They need to be disposed carefully and specifically which will lead to extra expenditure and cost to dispose of the waste.

The cost will gradually rise due to over-mining and its scarcity. In contrast, there are no toxic wastes found in aquaponics. The wastes deposited from fish are being fed to the plants are organic. Even if there are excess, you can throw it into the sewer and does no harm to the environment. Hence, it is so much more cost-efficient to adopt this method because the only expenditure would be the fish’s feeds.

The most important part is the results shown from these two gardening methods. The productivity of the aquaponics gardening method will generally see quicker and a more efficient result in terms of plant growth. The biofiltration from the aquaponics captures any harmful chemicals and a natural way in oxidising the contaminant in air.

The organic way of growth also plays an important implementation to the value of the produce. The hydroponics might be more suitable for plants that do not require much water. In conclusion, the organic way of gardening has always been proven to be the better method as to not disturb or disrupt the way nature works.

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