Tips For Aquaponic System Design

Aquaponic System Design

Aquaponic entails raising of fish and plants together in an integrated system. The waste from fish provides food for growing plants and plants on the other side provide a natural filter for the water the fish live in.The nitrifying bacteria convert ammonia from the fish waste into nitrites, then to nitrates into solids that are food for the plant. The process forms aquaponic system design which is not an easy system when turning into reality. Here are essential tips for aquaponic system design.For more details you can collect this e-book

Choose A Media –Based Aquanopic system design

This method is vital especially for beginners because it is easy to learn and understand, cheaper, it performs all three filtering functions which include mechanical solids, biofiltration,and mineralization. Furthermore, media based design acts as an all-in- one function since a media bed can be used as the based to grow plants. Media based design b provides essential support to plants. This technique is highly recommended instead of nutrient film technique and deep water culture.

Discover the best growing media

Basic Flood and Drain Design

You should use basic flood and drain design it is commonly used for home-based aquaponic gardeners. The design is easy to build and simple to understand. In additional, it does not require a lot of space in your yard, it is much appropriate for a ratio of grow bed to the volume of the fish tank. The design can be easily maintained and allows good flexibility since it can be easily customized.Click here to see the appropriate tanks.

Determine The Ratio of Grow Bed To Fish Tank

You should ensure that there equal ratio of grow bed volume to volume of water in the fish tank. Start with the ratio of 1:1 but after your system mature you can increase the ratio to 2:1 .Therefore, the foundation and supports of your system should be sturdy and strong enough to carry the weight of water, plants and the media.

Choose An Ideal Location

The location of your aquaponics system depends on the type of climate you live and the space you have. You are recommended to harvest your fish and plants when the season is suitable but during winter and summer,you should relocate your system indoors until the right season comes around. Building the system indoors requires moisture, space and light but this method is considerably the best for people with knowledge and enough resources. This method gives you flexibility and control over your system.

Choose The Correct Grow Bed

The area you grow is important, make sure that the size is the best for the growth of plants and the grow bed is strong enough to sustain the downward force of plants , water flow and media.

Aquaponic system design is very important because the success of aquaponics depends on it.If you want to start a successful aquaponics you must read this book.

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