Aquaponic Gardening-Top benefits

Aquaponic Gardening

Aquaponic gardening is the marriage of hydroponics (growing plants in water without soil) and aquaculture (raising fish) in one integrated system. The waste from fish provides organic food for growing plants and the plants filter the water in which the fish lives. The other critical, yet invisible players in this symbiotic system are the composting red worms and the beneficial bacteria. They all work as a conversion team with each having a critical role to play.

Aquaponic gardening thus embraces aquaponic relationship, system or technique to carry out farming. Setting up an aquaponics system has numerous benefits which include:

01.Require little space

Aquaponics farming can be done at home even with limited space as plants can be placed closer to each other. This is unlike the conventional farming that requires ample space. Aquaponics system thus saves a lot of space that can be put to other use. Besides, it can also be done in a small space.

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02.Soil fertility isn’t a concern

Aquaponics system neither needs soil nor depend on its fertility. This means that it can be set up anywhere regardless of the quality of soil and its availability. This is unlike conventional farming that soil is a factor of production. Aquaponics system can thus be done in abandoned warehouse, inner city parking lots, home basements, schools, garages, restaurants and several other places.

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03.100% organic

Aquaponic farming is a hundred percent organic with fish waste serving as food for plants. There are no pests, and therefore, there isn’t the use of pest which would have been harmful to the fish. Antibiotics, hormones as well as other fish additives aren’t used which would have harmed the plants. The end produce is a 100% organic and highly nutritious.

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04.Doesn’t harbor soil pests

Aquaponics system is also advantageous as it doesn’t harbor soil pests like other types of farming. Soil pests significantly destroy plants and the only way to eliminate them is by using pesticides, which also has a negative impact on the environment. Besides, it costs money to buy pesticides.

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05.Healthy eating

This is most probably the number one reason why many people resort to aquaponics to raise their own produce. The truth is that the generic foodstuffs found in several stores contain so many chemicals which make them hazardous to consume. Aquaponics remains the best option for food production free of toxins.

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06.Less straining Unlike conventional gardening

aquaponic gardening is less straining as one doesn’t have to bend and strain his back. This is because plants are at waist level. Once planting has taken place, the next big task is harvesting. One doesn’t have to do hard follow up tasks like weeding and pest control which strains the back and synonymous with traditional types of farming.

07.No weeding is required

Another major advantage of aquaponics is that no weeding is done. Aquaponics system doesn’t favor or encourage the growth of weeds as there is no soil used. This relives you of the ever strenuous activity of controlling the weed as well as saving your hard earned money.

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