Aquaphonics or Aquaponics Which is Correct?

Aquaphonics or Aquaponics

Aquaphonics or Aquaponics which is correct is a great question. Aquaponics  is a new innovation in home gardening where you can grow vegetables, fishes and fruits in one system.The demand of aquaponics system is increasing day by day.But most of the people are not familiar with it.

Aquaponics can be done in both small and large scale.if you want to reduce your daily food expenditure you can do this.because it provide you vegetables, fishes and can do this in a small space at your home.It also increase the beauty of your home.

Many people who heard the name of aquaponics they are interested on it but often when they search they write aquaphonics instead of aquaponics. However this is the sign of  the people are keen to know about this system.

The scope of aquaponics is very shining in future.Because we know that the demand of organic foods supply are increasing day by day.aquaponics provide 100% organic food.If you invest some money and start commercially it will be a great investment for you.

There are a lot of aquaponics research doing by many research organisation.Today I will tell you a research which is done by New Zealand foreign ministry where they show the details of aquaponics and its future.You can see the report by clicking the link.

The relevance of aquaponics to the New Zealand aid programme, particularly in the Pacific Click Here

Mainly aquaponics is the combination of hydroponics and aquaculture. Fishes are the main component of this syetem because they supply food to the plants.It is a symbiotic system.There are many plant and fish species are produced in this system.

However our discussion was aquaponics or aquaphonics which is correct? now we are  known to that the correct word is aquaponics not aquaphonics.People type aquaphonics mistakenly.

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